You will be given a detailed explanation and breakdown of our costs if you attend one of our information seminars and when you first visit Westmead Fertility Centre. You can register for an information seminar here.

The following is an approximate guide to the type of treatment costs you can expect to pay.

Please note that our costs at Westmead Fertility Centre are ALL INCLUSIVE.

Choice Magazine, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, reported that there are signifcant price differences between clinics and showcased our low out of pocket expense and affordibility. Access the Choice Magazine article here


 Treatment fees


An IVF cycle costs between $1,735–$5,085 at Westmead Fertility Centre but after Medicare refunds, your out-of-pocket expenses are usually between $317–$1,586 for a first cycle (see tables below). You don’t need additional Health Fund Insurance to have treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre.

These costs include:

• nurse appointments, telephone contact and support

• access to our counsellor throughout treatment

• most medications (see Additional costs below)

• ultrasound scans

• within cycle blood tests

• egg collection procedure

• use of operating theatre for egg collection

• fresh embryo transfer

• freezing and two year storage of embryos.


We offer our patients affordable access to advanced diagnostic technology such as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS). If you wish to use PGD/PGS in your treatment, then there are additional charges billed directly by the Genetics laboratory we work with. As a guide, PGD/PGS charges range from $2,250 – $3,000 for up to 14 embryos for certain conditions and depending on test types. This also includes access to a Genetic counsellor if needed. Contact us for more specific information.


Additional costs


Whilst drugs required for a standard treatment cycle are covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme with an associated fee ($6.10 for concessional patients and $37.70 for non-concessional patients), your individual situation may require additional drug therapy. We recommend that you budget up to $200 extra per cycle.

There is an additional charge for the transfer of frozen embryos.

Medical consultations and tests performed prior to or after a treatment cycle may incur an additional cost.


Payment options


The out of pocket patient contributions for Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment are as follows for patients with current full entitlements to Australian Medicare Card or any reciprocal arrangements, and if the treatment qualifies for Medicare Rebates. Other patients, including non-qualifying patients please see Westmead Fertility Centre administration staff for a fee sheet.

We offer two payment options. You may choose to pay the full amount up front (Claim back option) and then claim your Medicare rebate, or you may choose to pay a lower amount up front (No Safety Net option).


Claim Back Option*


Up-front payment by patient to WFC Medicare rebate and safety net refund** Patient direct costs, i.e. out-of-pocket expenses***
IVF  – First cycle $5,085 $3,499 $1,586
IVF – Subsequent cycles in same calendar year $5,085 $4,727 $357
Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle $1,510 $880 $125
Intrauterine Insemination cycle $1,220 $529 $583
PGD Biopsy $515 $515****

*If no previous medical expense in same calendar year. Conditions apply.

** The Medicare Safety Net covers up to 80% of the out-of-pocket costs for medical services provided after a particular threshold amount per calendar year is reached.

***Your out-of-pocket cost ‒ also known as the ‘gap’ payment ‒ is the difference between the Medicare benefits (basic rebate and safety net) and your treatment cost. 

****The Biopsy fee will be added to the IVF/ICSI fee.


No Safety Net Claim Option


Upfront payment by patient to WFC Medicare cheque sent to patient for payment to WFC WFC refund Patient direct costs
IVF – First cycle  $1,735 $3,499 $500 $1,235
IVF Subsequent cycles in same calendar year $1,735 $3,298 $500 $1,235
Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle $800 $880 $150 $650
Intrauterine Insemination cycle $800 $529 $90 $710
PGD Biopsy $515 $515

Fees correct as of February, 2016

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