Established for over 30 years, Westmead Fertility Centre is Australia’s largest fully independent, private fertility clinic. We offer a high quality, comprehensive service in a caring environment.

Working in state-of-the-art laboratories, our scientists are experts in the latest effective techniques and research.

Our philosophy is to make fertility treatment accessible to all patients. You can be confident that your treatment will be personalised and your specific physical and emotional needs treated with the highest standard of understanding and respect. We are happy to discuss your individual situation at any time.

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Westmead Fertility Centre staff are supporting Wrap of Love

There are millions of people in the world suffering extreme cold. In 1992 ‘Wrap with Love’ began with the idea to help as many people as possible by providing warm wraps to ward off hypothermia.
In the past 23 years they have sent more than 400,000 wraps to people in over 75 countries, including Australia, with the help of their hardworking and generous volunteers.

Our Nursing Manager, Linda, thought our team at Westmead Fertility Centre could help create some wraps too and has encouraged the team to start knitting!
Our team are creating knitted squares 25 cm x 25 cm that will be sewn together in 4 rows by 7 rows to create a wrap, ready for distribution to someone in need.

More information on Wrap with Love can be found here http://www.wrapwithlove.org/about-us/
Here are some pictures of some of the Westmead Fertility Centre team of knitters.


wrap-of-love-westmead  wrap-of-love-1wrap-of-love-2WFC knitters1


Congratulations Dr Louise!

While working at Westmead Fertility Centre as a Clinical Embryologist, Louise has also been completing her PhD studies on the effects of in vitro procedures, such as vitrification, on embryo development.
Louise used porcine (pig) embryos as a model for her research as pig embryos are particularly sensitive to in vitro manipulations. Louise’s research findings provide valuable insights on the impact of in vitro procedures on the viability of embryos in all species, including humans.
Congratulations from all of your colleagues at Westmead Fertility Centre Louise!

The American College of Embryology (EMBCOL) in 2013 announced that patients should ask about the expertise, training and credentials of their Fertility Clinic’s embryologists.
Westmead Fertility Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Sydney and we are very proud that our team of Embryologists are all committed to postgraduate education.


Westmead Fertility Centre are helping fundraise for the Cancer Council this Daffodil Day on 26th August 2016

Westmead Fertility Centre assists many people diagnosed with cancer to preserve their fertility by cryostoring eggs, sperm or embryos before starting cancer treatments. Also, by assisting cancer survivors in their wish to have a family after their recovery.

On 26th August, Westmead Fertility Centre will have merchandise for sale for our staff, patients and visitors to show support for this wonderful organisation.

Westmead Fertility Centre staff will also be wearing yellow clothing to show their support for all our past, present and future patients.
Maybe you would like to wear yellow as well!


We are celebrating the 20 year anniversary of our first ICSI pregnancy at Westmead Fertility Centre

In conventional IVF, about 70,000 washed sperm are mixed with the eggs in a culture dish in our laboratory. The sperm spend the next few hours penetrating the layers of supporting cells that surround the egg, called cumulus cells. Hopefully one sperm will successfully fertilise the egg.

If the sperm have low motility, or there are not many (low concentration), or they are unusually shaped (poor morphology), our embryologist can give the sperm some assistance penetrating the egg using intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI.

Westmead Fertility Centre has been providing fertility treatment since 1984. We introduced ICSI as soon as the technology was developed. We are pleased to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of our first ICSI pregnancy at Westmead Fertility Centre and look forward to many more!

Here is more information on the latest ICSI technology in place at Westmead Fertility Centre

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