At Westmead Fertility Centre we are committed to offering affordable pricing and enabling broad access to quality fertility treatment. Patients do not require health insurance to access services at Westmead Fertility Centre.

Westmead Fertility Centre is the only clinic in NSW offering all-inclusive pricing for treatment, theatre and freezing / storage. After an initial fee payable of $5,315, out of pocket costs after Medicare rebates for a standard IVF cycle range from $363 to $1817, dependant on where the patient sits in relation to their Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) threshold.

In addition to keeping pricing affordable, Westmead Fertility Centre also offers eligible patients access to a Gap Payment. The value of the Gap Payment required from eligible patients is equivalent to the Out of Pocket Expenses After Medicare Rebates.^^ See table below.

Applicable Eligibility Criteria for the Gap Payment includes:




Fees Payable Prior to Treatment

Out of Pocket Expense After Medicare Rebates* / Gap Payment

Out of Pocket Expense After Medicare Rebates and Safety net reached**

IVF Cycle (including embryo freezing and 2 years cryostorage)




using donor sperm




using donor oocytes




ICSI Cycle (including embryo freezing and 2 years cryostorage)




using donor sperm




using donor oocytes




Genetic Testing (In addition to IVF or ICSI Cycle Fee)









PGD^ Work up








Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cycle




Medical related fertility preservation (including 6 months cryostorage)^^^




Ovulation Induction (OI) Cycle




with IUI




with IUI using donor sperm




Ovulation Tracking




Embryo cryostorage per month



Please note:

All payments must be received before treatment with Westmead Fertility Centre can commence.

Fees for medications are not included. Fertility medications incur a co-payment as per all other prescription medicines. This cost for Medicare cardholders is $37.70 per script (or $6.10 for concession cardholders). Surgical sperm retrieval charged separately.

We recommend Medicare cardholders budget $200 for medication per IVF or ICSI cycle.

* Indicates approximate out of pocket expense for an initial cycle in a calendar year.

** Additional Extended Medicare Rebates are applicable dependent on individual patient’s safety net thresholds. Prices quoted are approximations only.

^ Additional fees for PGD Genetic Counselling to be paid directly to Genetic Counsellor

^^ Gap payment required excludes impact of Safety Net.

^^^ Medical related fertility preservation limited to Medicare rebatable conditions

If IVF or ICSI is to be decided on the day of the OPU procedure in order to provide the best chance of success, then ICSI cycle will be charged.

Rebates are as per the ‘Medicare Benefits Schedule book’ dated 1 November 2017.

Non-Medicare eligible patients are subject to an anaesthetist fee of $175 per IVF or ICSI cycle.

Quoted fees include GST where applicable and are subject to change without notice.

A cancellation fee of $200 is payable where cycle is cancelled due to non-medical reasons.