Q: Why are your costs lower than some other fertility clinics?


Answered by Medical Director, Dr Howard Smith

Our philosophy is to keep our charges to a minimum so that as many people as possible can afford our services. In addition, we do not need to maximise profits for a group of investors. This means that we are in the unique position of being able to offer lower costs of treatment without compromising on the professional standard and availability of treatment. Any profits we make are invested back into our own facility’s research and equipment so it is our patients who benefit.

Q: Do you have a waiting list?

Generally there is only a short wait period to see one of our specialist doctors for an initial consultation. Treatment can begin soon after this consultation, depending on the timing of your monthly cycle.

Q: Is Westmead Fertility Centre as innovative and up-to-date with its technology as other IVF clinics?


Answered by Scientific Director, Dr Cecilia Sjoblom

Our experienced embryologists maintain the highest standards to ensure optimal results in the safest setting possible. I am confident in saying that we have the most advanced equipment available and are experts in proven techniques. As well as being informed about emerging technologies, we play a part in contributing to their development through our research and new approaches. We take the responsibility of looking after your developing gametes (sperm and eggs) and embryos extremely seriously and our on-site laboratory meets stringent guidelines in terms of its climate control and air quality. You will find us very approachable and available to discuss and answer your questions about the technical side of fertility treatment.

Q: How will the nurses at Westmead Fertility Centre support me during my treatment?


Answered by Nursing Manager, Linda Robinson

Our team of specialist fertility nurses play an integral role and will remain your first point of contact during your treatment with us. We will co-ordinate your specialist’s treatment plan, provide ongoing information and emotional support and perform blood tests and scans. We will liaise with your specialist and be there for you at every stage of your journey. Whenever possible, we provide treatment in a manner that is compatible with and sensitive to your lifestyle and culture.

Q: Is having IVF as stressful as I have heard?


Answered by Counsellor, Gay Shanahan

For a number of reasons, having infertility treatment can be a very stressful period in a people’s lives. You may feel a range of strong and mixed emotions, such as anxiety, fear, sadness and guilt. People cope well most of the time, but it often helps to talk to someone about your feelings. Westmead Fertility Centre offers counselling services at no additional cost. I can help you cope with the challenges of infertility treatment in ways that will maintain or strengthen your relationships and help you with your self-esteem. If you wish to speak with me, I would be very happy to see you.