Making a first appointment


Before you visit Westmead Fertility Centre (WFC), you will need a referral letter from your general practitioner (GP) or specialist. Take this form to your GP or obstetrician/gynaecologist for completion.

This will ensure you are able to claim benefits from Medicare, which will cover a significant amount of treatment costs.


Please note that a referral from your GP will be valid for 12 months whereas one from a specialist, such as an obstetrician/gynaecologist is valid for three months only.


It is also important that both partners’ names are included in the referral letter as further testing and treatment will usually involve both partners.

After you have arranged your referral, you need to make an appointment to see one of our specialists. See Our doctors.


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Steps towards treatment

Attend a free information seminar
Westmead ButtonWestmead Doctor, IVF clinic
When: Wednesday 28 November 2018
Time: 6pm
Where: Westmead Hospital