Claudia’s story

“I was 36 when we found out we had unexplained infertility so we just decided to try IVF straight away. For me the most daunting thing was the first egg retrieval because it was such an unknown. You don’t know how much it is going to hurt or how much it is going to affect you. But it is not bad at all and I think it is a real privilege to see your children as a blastocyst and watch them develop.

I did actually fall pregnant on this first cycle but it was lost at nearly five weeks. On the next cycle, 2 embryos were put back and I fell pregnant with twins but we lost them at 9 weeks.

I admit that was a hideous time but I’m lucky that my family and friends have always been interested and supportive. I’m not the type of person who falls apart at the seams regularly and I haven’t felt the need to seek counselling.

Ironically the embryo that turned into my son wasn’t given a very good grade. Now at 4 years old, Flynn is legendary – a sweet master of disaster who makes me laugh every day.

I am currently pregnant even though at 43 years old I thought that my eggs were all in Zimmer frames. But I am stubborn and I felt like I had to be in it to win it. I just didn’t want to get to 60 years old and say,’ what if I had done one more cycle?’. ”

Claudia, 43, has a 4 year old boy and since this story was written has given birth to another boy as a result of IVF treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre

Please note this statement is the opinion of a real individual who has undergone IVF treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre. Individual results will vary from person to person.

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