Jane’s story

“At first my husband and I were reluctant to do IVF because we had previously had 3 unsuccessful attempts over a period of 3 years. After that we managed to conceive our son naturally and I guess we thought we could do it ourselves again. However, the facts are that the number of eggs I have left should be higher for someone my age and my husband’s sperm levels vary, so we felt like we should get help to complete our family.

The first time you do IVF you think it is going to work – I have heard that from many others as well. For some people that is true but not for everyone.

Having IVF can be a very emotional and frustrating experience. I have felt angry at times about how easily others fall pregnant and the way some people are so careless and inconsiderate with their comments. I am so sick of the question, ‘when is the next one coming?’ and of course, it seems like there are newborns and pregnant women everywhere you go. I have seen a psychologist and talking about these issues did help me a lot.

When I first started IVF, I wish someone had told me the following:

1. Undergoing IVF is not as bad as you think if you have a very strong desire for a family.

2. IVF is probably not going to work the first time.

3. Work out with your partner who you are going to tell and be selective about the ones you discuss your feelings and experiences with. You will need someone

who is going to be interested and understanding and who will listen.

4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else who is going through the process. The number of eggs collected and quality is dependent on so many factors.

5. It is worth it and don’t give up.

We have done IVF cycles over 18 months but we have jumped quite a few hurdles this time so I am feeling quite positive. We have had good results so far but I know we have a fair way to go.”

Jane*, 38 has one naturally conceived son and since this story was written has given birth to a daughter as a result of IVF treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre

Please note this statement is the opinion of a real individual who has undergone IVF treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre. Individual results will vary from person to person.

*Name has been changed for privacy

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