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Fertility Society of Australia Conference

Australia’s leading fertility conference is being held in Canberra next week (September 13-16, 2015). Westmead Fertility Centre’s Scientific Director, Dr Cecilia Sjoblom, is on the Scientific Advisory...

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Fertility Matters

Westmead Fertility Centre would like to show our support for two very special IVFlings (an affectionate name for someone born with the assistance of IVF). Candice Thum...

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Changes to medication supply for assisted reproduction treatments

From July 1st 2015 the Australian Government will introduce amendments to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) which will change the way you access your medication for...

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Bed rest after Embryo transfer – is it necessary?

Bed rest after Embryo transfer – is it necessary?

A study published in 2013 showed that there was a negative impact on the Live Birth Rate for women undergoing bed rest after their embryo transfer ...

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Dad’s input at conception shapes offspring health

A father's input is important for his child's future health right from the moment of conception, with the quality of his seminal fluid playing a major...

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No frills IVF on the market

Infertile Australians are being offered a new discounted model of IVF, which can be thousands of dollars cheaper but offers a lower chance of success, according...

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Choice rates Westmead Fertility Centre most reasonable on IVF costs

A February 2013 Choice report on the costs of IVF, has stated that Westmead Fertility Centre’s IVF cycle costs were significantly lower than both Genea and IVF Australia.

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Single embryo IVF transfers have a better chance of survival

A baby conceived using in-vitro fertilisation when only a single embryo is returned to the uterus has a better chance of being born, according to a recent study of assisted births in Australian and New Zealand.

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