Our team approach

team_photo_900Investigation and treatment of infertility is a team effort. Our approach involves you, your partner, your fertility specialist, experienced scientists, nurses and a counsellor.

We will customise your treatment based on your physical condition and medical history.

At first, the terminology and processes may be a little confusing so we believe in continually making sure you are comfortable and informed as we proceed along your treatment pathway.


Supporting you


Throughout your time with us, one of our specialists will oversee and adjust your treatment plan as necessary.

As you begin your medication and procedures, your main point of contact will be our friendly, caring and experienced nurses. They will encourage your feedback at all times and explain what is happening and what the next steps will be.

You may also meet with our scientific staff, who will be happy to explain their techniques and answer your questions.

Our counsellor is available when you need her to help you cope with any stress, anxiety or other feelings you may be experiencing.




Attend a free information seminar
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When: Wednesday 28 November 2018
Time: 6pm
Where: Westmead Hospital