What our patients say about us


Read what some of our patients say about their experience undergoing treatment at Westmead

Fertility Centre.


Innovative and caring


“I had previously had treatment with a different clinic but I just felt like they weren’t innovative enough and that they got to a point where they didn’t seem to know what to do with me.

I can’t stress enough the high level of care from all the staff at Westmead Fertility Centre. Not only are their costs reasonable, I have found them innovative and willing to spend a great deal of time with me.

The nurses are wonderful. They are very kind and caring and you can tell they just want it to work for you. I have also dealt a lot with the scientific staff, who are happy to talk to patients at any stage. I feel that the staff are really in it for the right reasons.”

Jane*, 38 has one naturally conceived son and since this story was written has given birth to a daughter as a result of IVF treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre


Main drawcard is the staff


“I liked Westmead Fertility Centre from the very first day. The nurses are brilliant, have a great sense of humour and make the whole process as easy as possible. If there is anything I don’t understand, they are quick to explain and go through all your questions with you.

I know that some people are attracted to the centre because of their reasonable costs and while that is certainly a consideration, the main drawcard for me has always been the staff and the way they help you through your treatment.”

Claudia, 43, has a 4 year old boy and since this story was written has given birth to another boy as a result of IVF treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre


In safe hands


“Before I went to Westmead Fertility Centre, my husband and I were quite concerned about a number of things but once we had the first meeting with the nurses we felt a great sense of relief. They know what they are doing and they are very thorough in explaining the schedule and what tests or procedures will occur at what time. We were surprised at how easily it all fell into place.

I also found my doctor extremely encouraging. The scientific staff were able to recommend some new advanced technology and are up-to-date with the latest research. Everyone is very experienced and they take into account your feelings and work out how to proceed together.

Overall we felt like we could trust them and their research, and we were able to relax knowing that we were in safe hands.”

Mei Lin*, 35, used an oocyte (egg) donor in order to have her son and is considering undergoing future treatment for another child

*Names have been changed for privacy


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