Pre-treatment tests


There are some tests that are necessary before you start IVF treatment. Some of these tests you may have had previously but we require a detailed assessment by our specialised laboratory in order to determine what form of IVF may be required.

These tests may include the following:


Semen analysis


Semen analysis (also called a ‘sperm count’) measures the number, movement (motility), size and shape of the sperm, and the volume of the ejaculation.


Ultrasound scan


An ultrasound can detect a number of abnormalities in ovaries or uterus that can affect your chances of pregnancy.


Blood tests


Both you and your partner will be asked to have blood taken for a hormonal assessment and to screen for hepatitis B, C and HIV. Women will be tested for their immunity to rubella (German measles).


It may take more than one visit to the specialist to complete the necessary tests and investigations. 



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