Semen cryostorage from oncology patients: Information for Oncologists

Westmead Hospital Department of Reproductive Medicine offers a semen banking service for oncology patients wishing to store semen prior to chemotherapy. To date, semen has been stored from over 1000 such patients.

To arrange cryostorage of semen, we would be grateful for as much notice as possible. The process generally takes 1 to 2 weeks as after an initial consultation, assuming 3 samples are normally collected at intervals. We are sometimes able to make more rapid arrangements according to the medical needs but this is not always possible.

4 steps are required to arrange cryostorage:


1. Discuss cryostorage option with patient

An information sheet is available online or contact our admin staff for a printed copies.


2. Screen patient

Please arrange testing for HIV, Hep B sAg, Hep C Ab (ICPMR preferable). Please fax results to 8890 8330 ASAP.


3. Phone 8890 7484  (7:30am – 3:00pm) to book appointment

Please have the following information readily available when you phone:

• patient’s name and DOB

• patient’s reason for storage.

An appointment will be made for the patient to meet with a Reproductive Medicine doctor to discuss semen cryostorage and sign a consent form.

Laboratory appointments for the semen cryostorage (Mon to Fri only) can also be made at this point.


4. Please provide patient with…

• appointment details

• a valid referral letter

• infection screening results.